PT. Komoda Indonesia

Bolt and Machining


EJIP Industrial Park Plot 8L-2 Jl. Citanduy 6, Cikarang Selatan-Bekasi 17550

PT. Komoda Indonesia is a company founded in 1995. So far our company has been trusted to do a lot of work from customers in various countries such as Japan, Indonesia and China. We are part of the Comoda Group which operates in three different locations, two in Japan and we are in Indonesia.
PT. Komoda Indonesia is also a branch outside Japan, which provides basic production and sales to meet customer needs. We produce a variety of bolts for construction machines, heavy equipment, industry and others. Apart from that, we also carry out machining process work that focuses on making hydraulic parts and others.
We are determined to continue building this business. And we believe that Indonesia will develop into a developed country.


(President Director)